Masterclasses are held at the Sunshine Beach Studio for Primary and Secondary students. These acting classes are invite only, and are for students who display a real sense of discipline, high standards of theatre etiquette  and a desire to excel in acting and potentially pursue a career in the arts. Whilst still a safe environment, there is a clear expectation from staff and peers that lines should be learnt on time, while the student will be supported and audiences delighted.

Selected masterclass casts perform at the Sunshine Coast Youth Theatre Festival, where numerous awards have been collected. However the drive behind masterclass is more a sense of excellence in community and acting craft.

Masterclass Plus+ is for secondary masterclass students only, who are committed to 4 hours per week of contact time plus 6-8 pm Tuesday and 6-8pm Thursday, and often another 4 hours on the weekend Saturday 12-4.

Prices below include extra rehearsals for performances which may equate to the same amount of contact hours (20) as the term but are held outside of class time where necessary.
Cost $220 per term

Tuesday, Primary 4-6pm, Secondary 6-8pm
Thursday, Primary 4-6pm
Tuesday 6-8pm Thursday 6-8pm, where required Saturday 12-4pm.